Jesse Carr, Chief Engineer, Pistols

In addition to the engineers, Bachstein Consulting has numerous skilled technicians who support us during testing and evaluations.  Our techs have backgrounds ranging from lobstermen to Marine veterans.  They understand teamwork and the value of hard work.

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Prior to joining Bachstein Consulting, Cory was the Principal Design Engineer with Sig Sauer, Inc. in Exeter, New Hampshire and Vice President of Engineering at Desert Tech, LLC. In Salt Lake City, Utah. His main responsibilities have been for the Rifle Engineering, Development, Team Management, and Military Tender/Contract Acquisitions. 

Over the past 12 years, Cory has served as the Director of Product Development in various firearm companies, ranging in size of $14M to $500M per year. Cory is an award-winning designer and has created intellectual property for the health and spa, firearm, furniture, and hobby industries. His specialty is combining function with form, thus delivering high functioning designs with esthetic appeal.

Newman holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business Management with an emphasis in entrepreneurship from Brigham Young University-Idaho. His entire career has been in the role of manufacturing and mechanical engineering. This unique disposition of career and education has prepared him to be an added value to Bachstein Consulting as a premier consulting firm for small arms development.  

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Kathryn graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Applied Mathematics.  Upon graduating, she took a position with Sig Sauer in the Special Weapons Development Group and worked on projects designed for the military.

From Sig Sauer, she went to Taurus and worked on designs that focused on manufacturability and the commercial firearms market.

Apart from her design talents, she is also experienced with quality assurance and has worked with writing processes and procedures for quality management systems, working with vendors to ensure open communication leading to quality product, and training inspectors and writing inspection reports and processes.

Kyle has served as US Army Lead Test Officer, validating new products before soldiers carry them into combat.  This charter is carried through into the commercial market, ensuring every product is ready for battle.  

From 2013 to 2017, Kyle led Engineering Research and Development efforts at Sig Sauer, winning contracts with customers such as the US Army, USSOCOM, Department of Homeland Security and other agencies. 

Kyle J Bachstein, President


Cory Newman, Chief Engineer, Rifles

Kathryn Hack, Senior Engineer

With more than 16 years of experience in the firearms industry, Jesse has designed firearms for some of the world’s foremost manufacturers. He holds several patents for firearm designs and has been the lead engineer on pistols, suppressors, and rifles for US and foreign military, law enforcement, and commercial end users. His commitment to excellence and passion for the defense industry drives robust and innovative designs that set the industry standard. Jesse has his bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from UNH with a focus on fluid dynamics.

Bachstein Consulting has been a driving factor in developing firearm technology for over a decade.  We are proud to support the American citizens, Law Enforcement, and Military Professionals who protect our way of life.   We are a small business registered in the state of New Hampshire.

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