Driving Technology for future product development from concept to full system.  

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We have advanced the development of some of the most innovative and reliable firearms systems in the world, products that have gone to battle in the hands of the most elite military units.  I say this with great pride and I'm impressed by what we achieve with each new partnership.  What can we do for you?

-Kyle Bachstein

​ President

Keeping the Firearms Industry on the cutting edge of technology, quality, and time to market.  

Bachstein Consulting is focused on developing products for all shooters, including civilian, military, and law enforcement professionals.  The majority of our experience is based on designing and testing products for professional use that exceed the highest performance standards.  Our expertise has been developed through working with the US Army, NATO, SAAMI, and other agencies. 

When you only get one shot to put your firearms in the hands of a customer, you want to check every box.  

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Product Testing that meets the most rigorous standards.  Including: MIL-STD, SAAMI, NATO, State Compliance


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